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South African rangers kill 3 poachers
Bangladeshis use sponges to clean oil spill threatening dolphins
Electric Zoo 2013 Death Leads to Guilty Plea
New York man pleads guilty in drug case tied to 'Electric Zoo' death
Bangladesh oil spill 'threatens rare dolphins'
Guiding African Wildlife Through Global Warming
Iran's unwelcome dogs find care at rare shelter
Humpback whales increasing in waters near NYC
Off-spinners in firing line of governing body crackdown
PETA Blasts Discovery's 'Eaten Alive' Over "Inexcusable Torment" of Anaconda
U.S. declines to upgrade protections for grizzly bears in Idaho, Montana
Tiger triplets have debut at Washington state zoo
Chimpanzees have no human rights: N.Y. court
California wildlife managers ban prizes for competitive hunts
Slobbery sidekicks: Dogs ride in bikers' sidecars
Plan to ban New York horse buggies prompts job loss fears
Do Dogs Understand Words or Emotions?
Star Citizen Adds Pets as It Nears $65 Million in Funding
South African academy trains anti-poaching dogs
Nepal devotees sacrifice thousands of animals in Hindu ritual
Nepal's mass animal slaughter underway despite protests
Star Citizen plans sci-fi pets as it cruises towards $64 million
Rare white lion cub born at Omaha zoo
Steam Fall Sale Begins: Watch Dogs for $30, The Evil Within for $20, and more
Swiss group wants sausage dogs to be petted, not eaten
Watch Dogs on Wii U sounds like a sluggish, last-gen game
Physicists solve mystery of why cats rule, dogs drool
Lone Wolf Traveled More Than 450 Miles to Grand Canyon, DNA Confirms
Bighorn sheep escapes Los Angeles Zoo, dies after car strikes it
Wildlife managers confirm rare sighting of gray wolf at Grand Canyon
Trip Tips: Hungary, where goose is king - and eaten - for a month
2 endangered elephants found dead in Indonesia
Naked outdoor protest over SeaWorld float in NY's Thanksgiving parade
Latest wearable for pets includes ambient temperature tracking
U.S. sportsmen support sage grouse protections, survey says
Texas woman sues family after her dogs kill neighbor's pet beagle
Wildlife devastated in South Sudan war: conservationists
Owner of closed California sushi spot pleads guilty to selling whale meat
Watch Dogs Wii U Looks Like This
'Simpsons' co-creator helps save gay Irish bull

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Bumble Bees at Risk, While Others Thrive
Sharks Along Florida Coast Cause Beach Closures
The Earliest Dogs: Photos
Rare Kissing Octopus Unveiled For the First Time
Half of Africa's Lions May Go Extinct in 40 Years
Gray Whale Recovery Fuels Whalewatching Success
Penguins Wear a Shield of Cold Air in Winter
Enormous Prehistoric Camel Roamed Arctic
Africa 'Hemmorhaging Elephants' at Record Rate
Bugs Make Art: Photos
Nearly 3,000 Wild Great Apes Stolen Each Year
Bulldog Accidentally Shoots Owner
Nut-Cracking Monkeys Show Human-Like Skills
U.S. Judge Labels Anti-whaling Group 'Pirates'
Shark Relative Had Buzz Saw Mouth
Food Stamps, Now for Pets
Big Birds Sing Like Barry White
Is Pollution Shrinking Otter Penises?
Vampire Bats Suck Blood of Baby Penguins
Spidey Silk Can Actually Halt a Train

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First successful vaccination against 'mad cow'-like wasting disease in deer
Researchers move closer to new range of biosensors
Alaska fish adjust to climate change by following the food
Trade winds ventilate the tropical oceans: Explanation for increasing oxygen deficiency
Microplastics in the ocean: Biologists study effects on marine animals
Lost memories might be able to be restored, suggests research into marine snail
New species found in the deepest trench on Earth
New technique reveals immune cell motion
Lengguru 2014 scientific expedition returns
Europe shows that humans and large predators can share the same landscape
Gene critical for proper brain development discovered
Oil palm: A modeled crop
Hermit creepy crawlies: Two new taxa of wood-feeding cockroach from China
New challenges for ocean acidification research
A vegetarian carnivorous plant
A clear, molecular view of how human color vision evolved
Doctor who survived Ebola received experimental drug treatment
Study on world's biggest animal finds more than one population in the southeastern Pacific
Cell-associated HIV mucosal transmission: The neglected pathway
New, tighter timeline confirms ancient volcanism aligned with dinosaurs' extinction
In one aspect of vision, computers catch up to primate brain
Ibuprofen use leads to extended lifespan in several species, study shows
How llamas' unusual antibodies might help in the fight against HIV/AIDS
Time management skills keep animals primed for survival
'Hairclip' protein mechanism explained
No 'bird brains'? Crows exhibit advanced relational thinking, study suggests
How will climate change transform agriculture?
Birds sensed severe storms and fled before tornado outbreak
550-million-year-old fossils provide new clues about fossil formation
'Cool' new method for probing how molecules fold
Hearing capabilities of bushcrickets, mammals
Tailor-made for the aquaculture sector
Using power of computers to harness human genome may provide clues into Ebola virus
Wild blueberries (bilberries) can help tackle adverse effects of high-fat diet
Protection of mouse gut by mucus depends on microbes
Surprise gene finding on 'back or belly' decision in sea anemones
Researchers discover protein protecting against chlorine
Deforestation threatens species richness in streams
Lynx take lunch breaks
Clearing tropical rainforests distorts Earth's wind and water systems, packs climate wallop beyond carbon
Spider's web weaves way to advanced networks and displays
Policy action urgently needed to protect Hawaii's dolphins
Short-necked Triassic marine reptile discovered in China
Ancient, hydrogen-rich waters deep underground around the world: Waters could support isolated life
Multiple allergic reactions traced to single protein
National model of restoration: Nine Mile Run
Contrasting views of kin selection assessed
New class of synthetic molecules mimics antibodies
Researchers' recipe: Cook farm waste into energy
Novel insights into pathogen behavior
Not just for the holidays, mistletoe could fight obesity-related liver disease
Asteroid that wiped out dinosaurs may have nearly knocked off mammals, too
Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria syndrome: Substance from broccoli can moderate defects
Better focus at the micro world: A low-budget focus stacking system for mass digitization
Bugs life: The nerve cells that make locusts gang up
Unraveling the light of fireflies
Predicting antibiotic resistance
Research shows Jaws didn't kill his cousin
Biologist reveals how whales may 'sing' for their supper
Big-data analysis reveals gene sharing in mice

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Photos of new species discovered in the Greater Mekong
Climate change, ocean acidification may doom jumbo squid
Corn expansion is hurting ladybugs
Africa eyes geothermal power
Neither slow nor stupid, manatees are killed by boats because they can't hear them
Lula pledges big cuts in Amazon deforestation -- after he leaves office
Computer hackers are helping illegal loggers destroy the Amazon rainforest
Deal on forests falls short
Chad's elephant population falls by two-thirds in two years
Elephants die significantly earlier in zoos than in wild
Climate change will transform the chemical-makeup of the ocean
Rainforests continue to fall but hope may rest in a market solution
Macedonians plant six million trees—in one day
Indigenous people win voice in climate negotiations
Fear and conservation
Tropical species face high extinction risk
What allows rainforests to grow so wildly?
Why do different species of bird lay different numbers of eggs?
Africa calls for "full-range" of bio-carbon as climate solution
Drought and deforestation in southeast Asia linked to climate change
Wildlife banking gets a marketplace
How youth in Kenya's largest slum created an organic farm
Finland, Sweden push for loophole that would drive destruction of peatlands around the world
Linking rural health care to forest conservation proving a success in Borneo
Madagascar hit by deadly vanilla-killing fungus
New standards ensure forest carbon projects protect indigenous people, biodiversity
Peru seeks $200 million to save its rainforests
In Poznan, France pushes initiative to save rainforests
REDD faces challenges but can succeed, says report
Little progress on avoided deforestation at climate meeting in Poland
WWF criticizes Brazil's plan to cut Amazon deforestation
Bank of America will no longer finance mountaintop removal coal mining
Saline agriculture may be the future of farming
TV footage leads to discovery of strange and rare monkey
Rainforest canopy-penetrating technology gets boost for forest carbon monitoring
Salvage logging offers hope for forests, communities devastated by industrial logging
Degraded grasslands better option for palm oil production relative to rainforests, finds study
HSBC to cut lending to questionable oil palm and logging companies
Fall in palm oil price may lead to industry consolidation
Agricultural firms cut incentives for Amazon deforestation
REDD may harm forest people, alleges report
Brazil to cut Amazon deforestation by 70% to fight global warming
Rangers return to Virunga and begin gorilla census
Co-management of conservation areas offers multiple benefits
Rural depopulation to have biodiversity impacts
Manatees become conservation symbol for communities in Mexico
The number of endangered amphibians in Peru may be underestimated
Lack of information may slow conservation response to amphibian crisis
Tropical dry forest fragments important to conserving reptile biodiversity in Colombia
Niche-based distribution modeling may help improve effectiveness of protected areas
2008 Atlantic hurricane season second costliest on record
Insect intelligence: paper wasps display strong long-term memory

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